The Science Behind The Rack

  • Research on whitetail deer has proven that while protein, calcium, and other minerals are the necessary building blocks for antler growth, it is the retinoic acid, which contains the insulin-like growth factors, that is absolutely essential to stimulating and promoting antler growth.
  • Retinoic acid is a naturally occurring growth hormone found in deer and is the chief component responsible for antler growth.
  • During normal growth cycles, in the spring and early summer months, insulin growth factors travel through the animal’s bloodstream to the tip of the antlers combining with the nutritional building blocks, promoting massive gains in antler size in a short period of time.
  • By increasing the release of specific growth hormones, we are able to safely and naturally push a deer’s insulin growth factor to maximum levels. From there, the insulin growth factor promotes the growth of the mesenchyme zone to build the antler to its maximum genetic potential.

When it comes to antler growth in deer, it is easily compared to a commercial construction project

When comparing antler development to a commercial construction project, similarly, one must study the blueprint, provide the best tools and equipment, and then, mobilize the quality workforce to achieve the greatest outcome; yielding extraordinary results in your deer herd’s genetic capabilities.